Endoscopic Robotic Drones for Gut Cancer Detection

Detecting cancer 1 pixel at a time
Gastrointestinal cancers are silent killers: they develop slowly and do not produce symptoms until is too late. Worldwide every year, 2.8 million people are diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancers (including esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum). And every year, these cancers together kill 1.8 million. The earlier we detect these cancers, the better are the chances of survival. Colonoscopy is the best current available tool to early detect and treat these pre-cancer lesions before they become cancer. However, we still missing 22% of the pre-cancer lesions. This means 22% of the patients that went through a colonoscopy are still at risk of developing cancer because we didn’t catch pre-cancer lesions on time. We propose a robotic drone that scans the gut from the inside, pinpointing where the pre-cancer and cancer lesions are, so the endoscopist can treat them in only one procedure. This drone works as an accessory for current conventional endoscopes used worldwide

Huge Problem

We are not catching enough pre-cancer lesions in the gut.

Radical Solution

Endoscopic drones that scan the entire gut and provide a map to the endoscopist, highlighting were the pre-cancer lesions are.

Technology Breakthrough

An endoscopic robotic drone that slides along any conventional endoscope and scans the gut using multiple cheap optical sensors.