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KARL STORZ and Livedata Announce an Exclusive Distribution Agreement to Combine OR1 and OR-Dashboard Technologies

CULVER CITY, CA (July 16, 2008) – KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., a global leader in minimally invasive endoscopic technologies and operating room integration, has announced an exclusive OR integration distribution agreement with LiveData, Inc., the leader in real-time data integration and display technology. Under terms of the agreement, KARL STORZ will add LiveData’s latest data integration and display capabilities to the KARL STORZ OR1® system. Combining LiveData’s OR-Dashboard™ with the latest OR1® technologies brings hospitals a true Patient-Aware Operating Room™, where the surgical team can focus more fully and effectively on the patient.
“Combining the strengths of our OR1® technologies with the innovative data integration and display capabilities of OR-Dashboard helps give surgical teams a complete picture of what is going on in the operating room right as it is happening,” said Connie Padden, Director of Technology Integration, KARL STORZ. “Additionally, hospitals gain a greater ability to optimize OR activities by streamlining and strengthening resource management. Most importantly, enhanced OR communication and smoother-running procedures mean enhanced levels of care for patients.”
The LiveData OR-Dashboard™ technology gives surgical teams a number of key benefits, including easy-to-read displays, comprehensive data integration, real-time updates of vital information, and enhanced communication among OR team members and other personnel. Vital information about both the patient and surgical procedure are seamlessly integrated and made available for the entire OR team to view.
Equipped with OR-Dashboard™ technology, OR1® suites offer surgical teams a Wall of Knowledge™ that combines comprehensive real-time data from nursing, surgery and anesthesia systems, as well as surgical equipment, PACS images and lab reports. This data is then displayed on a large wall-mounted screen that is visible to the entire OR team.
Using these technologies to create a true Patient-Aware OR™ helps ensure that surgical teams have the right information at the right time, improving patient safety, easing communication among team members, promoting OR workflow efficiency and productivity, and helping hospitals capitalize on existing IT investments.
KARL STORZ will also provide sales and integration support for LiveData OR-Dashboard™ installations in hospitals nationwide. “LiveData has always been committed to partnerships that result in the strongest integration and visualization solutions for our customers,” said Philip Brzezinski, Vice President of Healthcare Systems for LiveData. “This integration distribution agreement signals a further advancement in patient safety and OR workflow. Combined with their established distribution and world-class, worldwide support network, KARL STORZ can now make this important technology more broadly available.”
By automatically gathering and displaying real-time data from disparate sources, the Patient-Aware OR™ reinforces consistent adherence to safety protocols and helps eliminate so-called “never events,” which are errors generally considered so threatening to patient safety that they should never happen. Communication within the OR team is also facilitated since each member has clear and automatic access to critical information about the patient, procedure and equipment.
Additionally, OR workflow efficiency and productivity are increased by streamlining interaction with other parts of the hospital to improve OR and PACU scheduling, ensuring that surgeon preferences are understood, and identifying missing tray and cart items before the team’s arrival. Hospitals can capitalize on their existing IT investments and accelerate payback from currently installed IT technology by collecting vital data from various systems, such as electronic medical records, pharmacy, lab and pathology systems.
“The addition of LiveData’s integration and display capabilities represents a logical extension of operating room advancement by collecting information from disparate medical and surgical systems to deliver real-time data streams to the latest visual display configurations,” said Padden.

Dr. Sybill Storz is awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit

On November 11, 2010, Minister-President Stefan Mappus presented Dr. Sybill Storz with the Federal Cross of Merit, which is awarded by the former German President Horst Köhler.
During the ceremony at Villa Reitzenstein (Stuttgart, Germany), Minister-President Mappus recognized Sybill Storz’s entrepreneurial and personal achievements and particularly emphasized her service to the economy and the common good.
As an employer of 5,300 people worldwide and as an entrepreneur who is not derailed by the volatility of financial markets, her leadership is characterized by values such as farsightedness, sustainability, and a reliable instinct for trends and innovations. The success of KARL STORZ Endoskope, which Sybill Storz has been managing since her father’s death in 1996, speaks in favor of this sustainable strategy, as the company’s sales and staff size have more than tripled since that year. Mr. Mappus emphasized that she consistently uses her exceptional enthusiasm, conviction, and courage to make the company grow more successful every day, thereby earning the trust of customers, employees, and their families.
In addition to the entrepreneur’s distinct sense of duty, Minister-President Mappus also highlighted Sybill Storz’s outstanding sense of responsibility and community. Her social consciousness has been followed by many actions. Locally, Sybill Storz has been supporting social, cultural, and educational projects in the region of Tuttlingen for the past years and even decades. Globally, the award recipient has been supporting medical continuing education that is designed to give less privileged people access to effective medical care.

Minister-President Mappus recognized her multifaceted involvement that benefits the economy and the common good by saying: “With your strong sense of responsibility in social and societal matters, you have made tremendous contributions to the well-being of the country and of society.”
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Minister-President Stefan Mappus, Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz, former Minister-President Erwin Teufel
In the presence of the guests and longtime friends and acquaintances, Sybill Storz expressed her heartfelt gratitude for this recognition, stating that she considered it a great honor to receive this award. In her initial response, Sybill Storz stated, “I am very grateful to those who played a part in my finding not only a very interesting profession as an entrepreneur but also finding my passion to be creative and innovative and to try to make a difference.” In her acceptance speech, she also emphasized the importance of her family’s and employees’ support, as it was crucial to her success in many areas. She stated that therefore, she was accepting this award as the representative of a global team. Sybill Storz also emphasized that she will continue to make decisions and take actions that allow her to stay in harmony with society and benefit others.
The first well-wishers included family members and longtime employees as well as the former Minister-President Erwin Teufel, Minister of Economics Ernst Pfister, District Administrator Guido Wolf, and mayor Michael Beck as well as other longtime friends and acquaintances.

The Federal Cross of Merit –
The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany:
The Order of Merit is the sole and the highest decoration that the Federal Republic of Germany awards to people who have rendered outstanding services to society. The Order of Merit is bestowed by the Bundespraesident (President of Germany). Anyone may propose an individual for receipt of the Order of Merit. The final decision is then taken by the President of Germany.
The decoration is awarded for political, economic-social and intellectual achievements as well as for extraordinary achievements rendered to the Republic of Germany itself and for merits in the social, charitable or humanitarian field. With this Order of Merit the German President would like to draw public attention to extraordinary performance and achievements by individuals which are or have been of great importance to the community as a whole. The Federal Cross of Merit that is awarded to Sybill Storz is the second of eight levels that a person can receive.

KARL STORZ revolutionizes the management of the operating room theater with the first truly digital operating theater of the future: The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION

Leading supplier in endoscopy and OR integration KARL STORZ has developed the first true uncompressed digital operating room platform via IP. This networked approach allows complete integration of all video and data devices in the OR, optimizing surgical workflow and eliminating cable clutter.
Today’s operating rooms are extremely complex and high-tech environments. New surgical and interventional techniques bring new medical technologies and more devices in the OR, which often result in complex configurations, poor routines, and cable clutter. To help surgeons and clinical staff take full advantage of the latest technologies in the modern surgical suite and improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, OR integration has become indispensable. As such, the role of information technology in healthcare is expanding rapidly.
In an effort to bring the latest communication technology to the operating room, KARL STORZ introduces the digital era in today’s operating rooms. “For more than 10 years, OR1™ has stood for ergonomic workplace design and integration and safety in the OR. That’s why we have chosen this as our backbone for our new digital integration system. Our new system will ensure complete integration of all devices in and beyond the operating room in a more effective manner. This highly advanced platform distributes uncompressed video, graphics, audio and computer data over the IP network throughout the OR with near-zero latency. The simplified system architecture allows seamless communication and control in the OR and generates significant cost savings”, says Thorsten Molitor, Executive Director OR1™ (KARL STORZ, Germany).
The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ provides a new-generation platform that merges communication and documentation functionalities in a smart and compact PC-based system. The software orientation and modularity of this new platform will provide a technical environment in the OR that keeps up with the evolving needs and the pace of surgery. “The Fusion solution helps the clinical team expand beyond the traditional OR walls. With the most advanced streaming solution available they will be able to more effectively collaborate with experts throughout the world.” The future of surgical advancement and procedure adoption will be greatly accelerated as clinicians can “seamlessly collaborate utilizing the Fusion solution”, comments Devon Bream, Executive Director OR1™ (KARL STORZ, Endoscopy-America).
The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ system has incorporated the necessary features capable of enhancing the experience of clinicians. Since this system was designed with the end-user in mind, its ergonical and robust feature set will provide great value to the staff. By taking into our account the needs of the clinical staff and expanding on the synergistic proficiencies of its worldwide organization, KARL STORZ has realized a global product that is dynamic in nature and capable of surpassing any offering currently available in the marketplace. Quite simply, this unique architecture and interface provides an experience which can be shared by all clinicians no matter where they are geographically located. With its pioneering experience and expertise in endoscopy technology and OR integration, KARL STORZ offers an enhanced user interface with highly recognizable icons with the added benefit of a workflow-oriented navigation. The colors are adapted to the lighting conditions in the OR and the consistent design ensures both user friendliness and optimized control.
The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ system allows for dynamic plug and play of devices, even during surgery, to easily meet changing imaging requirements. And, the system requires only one universal network cable to set up the operating room and is built on a 10 Gbps IP network backbone, it enables smooth integration of future medical technologies and requirements in the operating room, making KARL STORZ OR1™ truly ready for the digital future.

German Chancellor Merkel visits KARL STORZ at Medica 2010

For KARL STORZ this year’s MEDICA – the largest international trade fair for medical technology – started with important guests. On November 17, 2010, the opening day, Dr. Sybill Storz and Karl-Christian Storz were delighted to welcome German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the KARL STORZ booth.
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler visit the KARL STORZ booth. From the left: Philipp Rösler, Dr. Sybill Storz, Zorica Injac, Angela Merkel, and Karl-Christian Storz.
Chancellor Merkel was able to experience the KARL STORZ innovation potential first hand. In particular, the Chancellor was introduced to the integrated operating room OR1™. The system’s advantages in terms of improved workflows for surgeons, increased patient safety, and optimal resource use in the operating suite were highlighted. The tour also briefly touched on the current debate about the increasing importance of efficiency and economy, in addition to surgical outcomes, to the success of hospitals worldwide.


Borescopes can be rigid or semirigid. A rigid borescope, also known as rigid endoscope or swing-prism endoscope, is an endoscope that uses a lens system for image transmission.
A semirigid borescope, also known as semirigid endoscope, miniscope, mini endoscope, or needlescope, is an endoscope with a rigid sheath that uses a bundle of optical fibers for image transmission (see flexible endoscopes).

Rigid borescopes are particularly robust and designed for heavy-duty industrial use. With the HOPKINS® II rod lens system, they reliably deliver exceptionally clear, sharp, and bright images.
The so-called swing prism borescope features a swing prism at its tip. Using a control handle, the direction of view can be infinitely adjusted between 0° and 140°. The sheath can be rotated by 400°. The result is the largest field of view available on the market.
Borescope diameters are between 1.6 mm and 10 mm in lens system models and between 1 mm and 1.6 mm in image guide models. For special applications, instruments with working lengths of up to 1.5 m are available.


Endoscopically Controlled Apicoectomy

Already 1896, PARTSCH described the use of apicoectomy in the surgical treatment of chronic apical periodontitis. Amputation of the apical third of the root with its ramifications and excochleation of the granulation tissue are intended to eliminate the causes of chronic periapical osteitis and associated pathologic bone changes. Bacteria-proof sealing of the root canal in the resection area prevents reinfection of the bone.
On the one hand, the success of apicoectomy depends crucially on the indication. On the other hand, the success rate can be demonstrably increased by means of visual control to ensure complete resection and sealing of the apical root canal filling, using optical instruments (microscope and endoscope). Furthermore, the use of an endoscope permits image documentation of the operation.

The Center for Connected Medicine Welcomes KARL STORZ as Newest Strategic Partner

The Center for Connected Medicine, a collaborative executive briefing center showcasing the transformation of health care, today welcomed KARL STORZ as its newest strategic partner. Specializing in state-of-the-art technologies for minimally invasive surgery as well as EHR-compatible operating room integration and information management solutions, KARL STORZ becomes the 14th partner of the Center for Connected Medicine.
“We recognize the importance of the Center for Connected Medicine’s collaboration with so many leaders of the health care industry,” says Charlie Wilhelm, President and COO for KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. “Working with the Center reflects the latest initiative by KARL STORZ to pursue innovative advancements that support Information-Driven Care. We look forward to joining the Center’s other partners as we work together to demonstrate the transformation of health care delivery and contributing our perspective on the ongoing need for connected medicine.”
As a global leader in minimally invasive surgical technologies, including instruments, optics, electromechanical devices, software integration and informatics, KARL STORZ will add expertise as a member of the Center for Connected Medicine’s roster of partners specializing in medical instruments and devices. “At the Center, we believe that medical devices play a key role in defining the transformation of health care delivery,” says Andrew Watson, MD, MLitt, FACS, medical director for the Center for Connected Medicine. “KARL STORZ will bring its unique insights on the future of health care, and we look forward to showcasing what the organization has to offer.”
Established in 2009, the Center for Connected Medicine services as the world’s first collaborative health care executive briefing center and has hosted more than 19,000 visitors representing 58 countries. Those touring the Center engage in discussions about how best to overcome barriers in order to achieve a more cohesive approach to medicine, and experience ways technology developed by each of the Center’s partners can be integrated to transform and enhance care delivery.


Rebecca is a young teenage girl from rural Haiti. She and her mom noticed her right eye starting to protrude about four months ago, being displaced both downward and outward. She could not breathe at all out of the right side of her nose, and her mother feared she would lose her eye. Haiti Health Ministries, who serve indigent rural Haitians tried to help her, but the disease process had progressed too far; it had become too complex. Rebecca had undergone multiple tests and a biopsy, but the doctors in Haiti were simply not sure what was wrong with her.
On October 11, Rebecca’s fate changed. HHM contacted Dr. Hobar, and Dr. John McClay, LEAP’s Director of Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery was immediately consulted. A review of the CT scan made Dr. McClay suspect what was later confirmed: Rebecca had an expanding frontoethmoid mucocoele, causing severe propotosis and craniofacial abnormality. Untreated, it could have gone into her brain, leading to loss of vision and worsened deformity.
Sinus surgery was required, but so were specialized endoscopic sinus surgery equipment and instruments. Haiti didn’t have that, and neither did LEAP. Saving this little girl was a seemingly insurmountable task.
Brigham Whitney, a wonderful Head and Neck Account Executive at Karl Storz Endoscopy America began to move those mountains. He got the ball rolling and loads of people at Karl Storz began working behind the scenes to secure the equipment and instrumentation required. Mrs. Sybill Storz very generously lent us the $250K worth of top of the line instruments required to save this little girl.
The equipment, along with the LEAP team headed to Haiti on October 31st, and the very next day, Rebecca went into surgery. Dr. McClay and his team operated on her and little Rebecca was finally healed. She will not lose her eye or her sight, and in 1-2 years, she will likely have normal facial features again.
First class care for one child. Because we are all God’s children.

Karl Storz 88590CF Borocope 70° View Angle with Light Source

Rigid borescopes are particularly robust and designed for heavy-duty industrial use. With the HOPKINS(R) II rod lens system, they reliably deliver exceptionally clear, sharp, and bright images.
The so-called swing prism borescope features a swing prism at its tip. Using a control handle, the direction of view can be infinitely adjusted between 0° and 140°. The sheath can be rotated by 400°. The result is the largest field of view available on the market.
This Borescope diameter is 8 mm.

ISG secures £1.4 million Dundee office scheme

ISG has been appointed by medical equipment manufacturer and supplier, KARL STORZ Endoscopy UK Ltd, to undertake a £1.4 million project to expand the company’s Scottish facility.

The 47-week, dual-phased scheme will see ISG substantially increasing office accommodation and demonstration facilities at the KARL STORZ site in Thomas Wise Place, Dundee. The initial phase of the development involves the construction of a 12,900 sq. ft. steel frame office extension, with render, facing brick and cladding to its façade and a section of curtain walling showcasing a new feature stairwell. In order to boost the overall sustainable credentials of the building, the new structure will also include a planted green roof to absorb CO2 and other pollutants, and reduce the impact of surface run off.

The extension will be fitted out to create contemporary open plan office space. Upon completion of this first phase, staff will then relocate into the new accommodation to allow the commencement of the second phase of the redevelopment. During this final 12-week programme, ISG will comprehensively refurbish and reconfigure the existing office building to create a high specification Sales and Demonstration area. The contractor will install a number of new windows to maximise the volume of natural daylight entering the building, as well as replacing all existing glazing with modern, high performance units.

ISG’sAndy Mallice, managing director – Scotland, commented: “This latest win represents a significant addition to our growing client base and further demonstrates our ability to successfully convert opportunities across multiple industry sectors. It is particularly pleasing to support successful international businesses with a strong Scottish presence, and we are confident that these new facilities will further underpin KARL STORZ’s plans for the future.”

Wellwood Leslie Chartered Architects and Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Christie and Partners have also been appointed to work on the project.

Upon completion of the works, matters relating to Finance, IT and Quality and Environmental Compliance will be overseen from KARL STORZ’s operation in Dundee.